Carolyn’s walking group has been a truly life enhancing experience for me and I look forward to it each week.  It has encouraged me to take a second walk over the weekend too.  Both my physical stamina and weight loss have improved plus I feel increasingly connected to nature which I love.  I couldn’t do without it.  Thank you, Carolyn, for your professional care of us all, it’s much appreciated.  GW

I love walking with Tendring Beacons, Carolyn manages to cater for absolutely everyone whether you like a slower walk or to stride out, every week seems to be different…I’ve seen so much beauty in the countryside that I’ve never seen from the road.  SGR

A very easy group to join, fitness, friendship and fun with a sense of wellbeing for the rest of the day.  Thank you.  SB

My experience of Carolyn’s forest bathing was amazing, the invitations and practices while we were in the wood deeply connected me to nature in a way I haven’t experienced before…Time seems to disappear…all in all a wonderful and profound experience…can’t wait to go on the next one. SGR

I love Tuesdays – they are not bluesdays, better than any pills. Mine start with tea, toast and half hour of Radio 4 Extra listening to the Goons. Then off to our walk – always an adventure into the wilds of Tendring and beyond. Seeing our local countryside with fresh eyes and then to the café and chat with friends. Perfect prescription for a new look at life. JL

There’s Nothing Like a Walk

I love to go a wandering along the local path

I love to feel my feet tread upon the grass

I love to look up at the sky

And at the perfect view

I forget my feet and slip and slide

And knock right into you

Domino’s, domino’s

As we tumble all askew

I love to go a wandering with my Nordic group

Mindful of where I step avoiding the doggie poop

Our pace steps up the end is nigh

We don’t want to stop but we have spied

A lovely coffee shop

Cakes and scones, cakes and scones

We eat the bloomin’ lot  

Nordic Walking

I love to walk

Don’t want to run

I love to talk

It is such fun

Head held high

Poles strapped on

Fantastic views

Winter sun

Hardened ground

Solid turf

A place to breath

Explore the earth

Scudding clouds

Sky blue and red


Time for bed

A dreamless sleep

Awake at dawn

Up and out

Face the new morn

I love to walk

Poems by local author and fellow Nordic walker Susan Bowles